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Hagoromo Gitsune Invades to Annihilate Kyōto (羽衣狐京都全滅侵攻, Hagoromo Gitsune Kyōto zenmetsu shinkō) is episode 8 of the Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyō anime.


Nurarihyon no Mago?Edit

Tale of the Women's Hand-Push Sumo TournamentEdit

The "female Onmyōji" Yura Keikain is up against "Super Busty" Saori Maki while the "mysterious beauty" Tsurara Oikawa is up against "Top 5 Class Beauty" Kana Ienaga. Natsumi Torii has lost the first round. In Round 1 of the Semifinal, Saori pushes her breasts against Yura's face, winning her the round. In Round 2 of the Semifinal, Tsurara makes a funny pose while Kana tries to figure out who she is, what class she's in, what grade she's in and what she is to Rikuo. In an imaginary image of her eyes, she demands an answer from Tsurara and merely pushes her. Meanwhile, Tsurara flails her arms and leaves for Rikuo, winning the round for Kana. In the Final round, again, Saori pushes her breasts against Kana's face, winning the tournament. On the first place podium, she flails around and expresses her gratitude for being born busty, while Natsumi admires her from below.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

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