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Gyūriki (牛力, Gyūriki)[1] is a Kyoto yōkai and one of Kidōmaru's subordinates.


Gyūriki has a large build, a bulbous nose, and a mouth full of straight, giant teeth. His features are borderline grotesque, becoming moreso when he grows angry. Though his hair is styled in a buzz-cut, small spike-like horns protrude from the scalp.


He is quick to anger and seems to favor solving problems with violence - as seen when he suggests that his group slaughter a few Tōno yōkai as revenge for being slighted. He tends to act without thinking, but will always heed Kidōmaru's orders regardless.


Tōno ArcEdit

He and fellow oni Danki accompany Kidōmaru to Tōno Village in an attempt to acquire extra soldiers in the upcoming invasion of Kyōto. After they are turned down and begin the trek back to the borders of Tōno, the trio notice Rikuo in "night" form nearby, and mistake him to be Nurarihyon. Gyūriki immediately launches a surprise attack, managing to smash through a boulder instead of his intended target. He becomes confused when "Nurarihyon" seemingly disappears, but Kidōmaru recognizes the technique and effortlessly slices through Rikuo's fear - realizing that they have come across Nurarihyon's grandson.

Once Kidōmaru decides to kill Rikuo and bring his head back to Hagoromo Gitsune as a trophy, Gyūriki leaps in to attack and promptly finds part of his arm sliced off courtesy of a newly-arrived Itaku. Rikuo, figuring out how to use Kyōka Suigetsu, states that he will fight instead of Itaku, and Gyūriki flies into a rage at Rikuo's cockiness despite Kidōmaru having easily cut through his fear. Gyūriki's next attack hits empty air as Rikuo shifts his position with Kyōka Suigetsu. Irritated and confused, Gyūriki and Danki both continue their attempted assault on Rikuo, but all attempts prove unsuccessful and they are ultimately seriously injured when Rikuo retaliates. After the arrival of the rest of Rikuo's Tōno allies, Gyūriki and Danki leave the village alongside Kidōmaru.

Techniques and AbilitiesEdit

  • Gyūriki Senriki Goma[2] (牛力千力独楽, lit. Strong Ox Thousand Power Spin) is Gyūriki's hyoui technique.[1] He spins his body, using the power of the resulting revolutions to attack an opponent. To increase the technique's effect, he can infuse his body with fear to increase its physical size.


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