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Gyūki Arc

The Gyūki Arc (牛鬼編, Gyūki-hen; Literally meaning "Gyūki Chapter or The Gyūki Part") is the first story arc of the Nurarihyon no Mago series. This arc focuses mainly on Rikuo's attempts to maintain a normal human lifestyle despite often becoming involved in yōkai affairs. It also includes the event four years prior to the series' start which shaped Rikuo's current beliefs and the battle at the Mt. Nejireme against Gyūki and his clan. The main antagonist is Gyūki, but also Hitotsume Nyūdō and Sorobanbō to a lesser extent. Kyūso, Gozumaru and Mezumaru are minor antagonists.


Rikuo's Past: The Death of the Second CommanderEdit

When Rikuo was five, he played outside with a unknown girl and with his father who is watching him. When Rihan was thinking about the poem his first wife Yamabuki Otome has left him before she left, he was stabbed from behind and died.

Rikuo's Past: The Birth of his Yōkai SideEdit

8 years old Shima

Discussing with Shima

Rikuo grows older and hit the age 8, he is making pranks with other yōkai's around the house which he is compared with his grandfather Nurarihyon. He tells Nurarihyon when he can take over the third position. Then Nurarihyon and Rikuo where been talking about it and run from the ramen shop without paying. At school, Rikuo has a discussion about yōkai's about if they are bad or good creatures with Kiyotsugu. When Rikuo tells Kiyotsugu that his grandfather is Nurarihyon, Kiyotsugu tells Rikuo the true nature about him, which later Rikuo was then seen as a fool. During the meeting of the Nura Clan, Rikuo sees the true nature of them which he disliked the dream of becoming the third heir of the Nura Clan. Gagoze who wants to have the position of the Nura Clan was angered. A day later, Rikuo was too afraid to be in the same bus with his classmates. Kana encourage him, and stepped in the bus. Rikuo was brought home by Karasu Tengu.
Rikuo's transformation

Rikuo's Transformation

Meanwhile, when the children where about to go home, they went under a bridge that collapsed by the clan of Gagoze to see if Rikuo was inside of the bus. Once Rikuo got home, he checked the news that the school bus has been trapped under a tunnel and tried to get there. He got a hold by Mokugyo Daruma saying that a real yōkai doesn't help humans in need, which angers the ones who believed in Rikuo and tries to fight with Daruma about it. Rikuo starts to transform and tells them to stop, which his transformation is complete, he is seen by his subordinates as a yōkai. Gagoze sees that Rikuo isn't in the bus, which he decided to kill one of his classmates. Rikuo appeared with his own clan and battles Gagoze's Clan. Rikuo then faces Gagoze and kills him saying that he will create his own Hyakki Yakō and will stand above them all. Soon after the battle against Gagoze, he transformed back into a human, which shows a shock towards his subordinates.

Rikuo and his friends: Inside the Old Lecture BuildingEdit

Rikuo's Angered Brother: Zen AppearedEdit

Night Rikuo kills HebidayuEdit

Rikuo and Zen: Exchanging of SakazukiEdit


# Episode Title Japanese Airdate English Airdate
# English title Kanji title Romaji title
2 Rikuo, Walking the School at Night リクオ、夜の学校をねり歩 Rikuo, Yoru no Gakkō o Neriaruku
3 Rikuo, Angering the Sworn Brother リクオ、義兄弟に怒られる Rikuo, Gikyōdai ni Okorareru
4 Rikuo, Having a Dream リクオ、夢を見 Rikuo, Yume o Miru
5 Rikuo, Present at the Kiyojūji Squad's Formation リクオ、清十字団結成に立ち会う Rikuo, Kiyojūjidan Kessei ni Tachiau
6 Rikuo, Exploring His Home リクオ、実家を探索される Rikuo, jikka o tankensareru
7 Rikuo, Going to First Street リクオ、一番街へ行 Rikuo, Ichibangai e Iku
8 Rikuo, Confronting the Fangs of Kyūso リクオ、窮鼠の牙と対峙する Rikuo, Kyūso no Kiba to Taijisuru
9 Rikuo, Having a Fever リクオ、熱を出す Rikuo, Netsu o Dasu
10 Rikuo, Going on a Yōkai Mystery Tour リクオ、妖怪ミステリーツアーに行く Rikuo, Yōkai Misuterī Tsuā ni Iku
11 Rikuo, Staying on Mt. Nejireme リクオ、捩目山に留まる Rikuo, Nejireme-yama ni Todomaru
12 Rikuo, Leaving on a Nighttime Investigation リクオ、夜の探索に出る Rikuo, Yoru no Tansaku ni Deru
13 Rikuo on the Night of the New Moon リクオ、新月の夜に Rikuo, Shingetsu no Yoru ni
14 Rikuo, Standing on the Summit of Mt. Nejireme リクオ、捩目山の頂上に立つ Rikuo, Nejireme Yama no Chōjō ni Tatsu
15 Rikuo, Confronting Gyūki リクオ、牛鬼と対峙する Rikuo, Gyūki to Taiji Suru
16 Umewakamaru and Gyūki 梅若丸と牛鬼 Umewakamaru to Gyūki
17 Gyūki's Beloved Nura Clan 牛鬼の愛した奴良組 Gyūki no Aishita Nura-gumi

Characters Introduced Edit