Gyōgen (卿言; Literally meaning "Lord Say") is a shikigami fusion composed of a large number of "konjousui flowers" mixed with Ryūji's spirit. The shikigami take root in the ground ans shows them the allure of their blloming flowers. The flowers are composed of a corrosive water that burns anything it touches. The konjousui refers to the water droplets that condense and gather the surface of the gold which that the purity of the water is 99.999% which makes it the most clearest water there is. The water contain no any mix with other kinds of subs like acid or aqua regia, it is just pure water, which that a yōkai to get 3 minutes to escape from the shikigami.

This shikigami can create the techniques two Shikigami Blending techniques Shikigami Blending: Konjōsui Flowers and it's step up technique Shikigami Blending: Konjōsui Formation.

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