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The Gokadoin House Arc is the seventh story arc of the Nurarihyon no Mago manga series. The story follows after the battle in Fukagawa against Sanmoto Gorōzaemon. Rikuo got a message from Ryūji that Akifusa finished the Nenekirimaru recovery and that he must get it at Mt. Osore, but they get stumbled by the mysterious Gokadoin House.

Ryūji's message to Rikuo

Ryūji appeared at the Nura House telling Rikuo that Akifusa has finished the Nenekirimaru and that he is waiting for him at Mt. Osore to pick it up.

The True Meaning of the Nenekirimaru


The group is talking about the Nenekirimaru

Rikuo, Itaku, Tsurara and Ryūji are making their journey to Mt. Osore. First they head off to the Tōno Village after that Nurarihyon has ask Akagappa to find information about the Gokadoin House. Awashima is then calling Rikuo, Rikuo turns and sees the rest of the Tōno Family. Awashima then tells Rikuo that it is has been a long time that he trained at Tōno and said that they are fully prepared for him, which that makes Rikuo wonder. They are heading to Tōno's mansion after that Itaku told the group that Rikuo is coming as a guest this time. Tsurara, Reira and Yukari are heading to the hot springs and Rikuo, Ryūji, Amezō, Awashima and Itaku are heading to Akagappa, but ended up talking with Akagappa's advisor. After that they where been discussing about the Nenekirimaru, Ryūji said that the sword first was named "Nuekirimaru" instead of "Nenekirimaru" and tells them the true story of the sword.

Rikuo's Training in the Mayoi-ga

The Picture

Akagappa shows them the picture

While Rikuo was sleeping, he has been disturbed by a brachycera he then noticed that the room became really spacious which he stands up and take a look. Rikuo then sees that the road is long and tings about getting out of the corridor which he probably reach the entry way. It turns about to be another test for Rikuo. Rikuo then tries to break the slot but he was repelled. Itaku is hiding and watching if Rikuo can pass the test. Rikuo then noticed that the whole room is coming closer. Rikuo then uses his Kyōka Suigetsu and slashed the brachycera to get the key to the Mayoi-ga. When Rikuo gets out of the Mayoi-ga, he sees the Tōno Group there congratulating him about passing the test. Rikuo then thanks them about what they've done to him. Akagappa then arrives telling the group if they mean the boy that Rikuo and Itaku has seen in the Ao Castle is in the book.

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