Volume OutlineEdit

Fragments of Recollection (追憶の欠片, Tsuioku no kakera) is the 15th volume of the Nurarihyon no Mago series by Hiroshi Shiibashi.


  • Act 122. Void (虚空, Kokū)
  • Act 123. Sword Flash (刀閃, Tōsen)
  • Act 124. Birth (誕生, Tanjō)
  • Act 125. Trap (罠, Wana)
  • Act 126. Fissure (亀裂 , Kiretsu)
  • Act 127. Things Kept Secret (秘められたもの, Hirerameta mono)
  • Act 128. In a Grove (藪 の中, Yabu no naka)
  • Act 129. Fragments of Recollection (追憶の欠片, Tsuioku no kakera)
  • Extra: The Strange Story of Ukiyoe Middle School
  • Extra: Rikuo Witnesses the Same Dream Again


As the Nue is born at last, the Kyōto yōkai take a stand to prevent Rikuo's forces from injuring it before it can reach maturity. Rikuo learns a new form of matoi, and ultimately combines his strength with that of the Keikain onmyōji to combat Hagoromo Gitsune. But the Nue is maturing quickly, and time is running out.

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