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# Chapter Titles

61 A Certain Ayakashi's Marriage Proposal, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 4
ある妖の求婚 妖刀・祢々切丸その4
Aru Ayakashi no Kyūkon: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Yon
62 The Captured Princess, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 5
囚われの姫様 妖刀・祢々切丸その5
Toraware no Hime-sama: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Go
63 A Beast's Path, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 6
獣道 妖刀・祢々切丸その6
Kemono Michi: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Roku
64 Sakura, for Example, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 7
例えるなら桜 妖刀・祢々切丸その7
Tatoeru Nara Sakura: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Shichi
65 The Tower Keep, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 8
天守閣 妖刀・祢々切丸その8
Tenshukaku: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Hachi
66 Connecting to the Present
Ima e to Tsunagu
67 The Eight Barriers
Yattsu no Kekkai
68 The Supreme Commander vs. The Young Head
Nurarihyon tai Nurarihyon
69 The Tōno Story, Part 1: The Hidden Village
遠野・物語 その1/隠れ里
Tōno Monogatari Sono Ichi/Kakurezato

Viz Summary Edit

The time is the early 1600s, and the young Nurarihyon has become infatuated with Yōhime, a girl with mysterious healing powers. He proposes to her. But then Yōhime is abducted by subordinates of the great yokai Hagoromo Gitsune. And she wants to cut her apart and steal what makes her special! Find out how Rikuo's grandfather once had to almost sacrifice everything to save the woman he loved!

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