• Leone Remastered

    Hello guys, I don't know why, but the text on my previous blongs aren't loading. I have opened a Nurarihyon no Mago Fanon wiki at . It is my earnest request that the users of here come there and add all the primary information there. I really want that wiki to become a grand one, please help me in my quest.

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  • Leone Remastered

    Hello everyone! I am Leo and a new user here. But I am "new" only here, not on wikia. I searched the Fanon wiki whose link was given on the community and found out that it was seriously inactive and not worth joining. So I created my own Nurarihyon no Mago fanon wiki which will contain both primary information about the series and also be the home of Fanon-interested users. So, it is my earnest request, to each and every Nurarihyon no Mago fans, to assemble in and help me to add all the primary information, which maybe just a copy of the text here, with liitle modification and picture changes. I hope there will be users who will join me... Read more >
  • Leone Remastered

    Hello everyone! I am Leo and a new user here. But I am "new" only here, not on wikia. I searched the Fanon wiki whose link was given on the community message and found out that the site was a crap. So I decided to create a good Nurarihyon no Mago Fanon wiki which will contain both the details about the series and also be the site of fanon-interested users. So please, it is my earnest request, to all of the Nurarihyon no Mago fans, to join and try to add the information about the series. Please help me in my quest of creating the best Nurarihyon no Mago Fanon.

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  • MrAnonymous

    Personally I'd like a story arc that centers on a civil war in the Nura Clan ideally having it come out that Rikuo Nura has an Older half brother wanting control of the clan. I think this is possible since Nura's father was married once before and his wife left him because she couldn't concieve. Though it would be interesting if she was pregnant when she left without knowing and that kid grew up to desire being head of the Nura Clan. I'd also like to see Nura and his grandfather handle such a predicament.

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  • よ姫

    the website ~

    April 29, 2012 by よ姫

    ok minna san ! maybe some of you wonder what is Nurarihyon No Mago official website , twitter , and blog , well you can just click here to go to the web ~ click here to go to the blog ~ and click here to go to the twitter . but i suggest you to open them on google chrome , beacause , they're written in japanese -_- ....... enjoy minna-san ! hope this will be helpfull

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  • Misa Yagami


    December 13, 2011 by Misa Yagami

    Who was Kubinashi?

    Kubinashi (首無?, lit. Neckless) Voiced by:[http:// Takahiro Sakurai Takahiro Sakurai]
    As his name would imply, his head floats above his shoulders and he has no neck. He is one of Rikuo's demon guardians and frequently takes care of laundry around the Nura mansion. He fights using thread/string that entangles the target the more it struggles, which can become as strong as chains by imbuing it with his "fear." When he was alive, he and a friend were toyed with and killed by yōkai. As a result, he became a yōkai himself in order to exact revenge. After Rikuo becomes head of the Nura clan, Kubinashi is promoted into the elite class of the family and becomes one of Rikuo's territorial commanders.
    Prior to meeting (and being defeat…

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  • 4everNura

    Okay People,here is the new Nurarihyon No Mago Fanon wiki! Come and join this wiki now!

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  • Lynxian

    Working out a Timeline

    July 18, 2011 by Lynxian

    This is mostly for reference, and keeping track of my speculations/findings relating to the timeline of events in the series. Updated sporadically.

    (chapter 2) waning crescent moon
    (chapter 3) waxing crescent moon
    (chapter 4) is one day after (chapter 3)
    -- 2 week span between (chapter 2) and (chapter 3/4)? Usually about 2 weeks between waning and waxing moon. Kiyotsugu says he hasn't spoken with Rikuo/Kana since "that night" and is clearly still shaken.
    (chapter 9) takes place the week before Golden Week. Shima says Golden Week starts the following weekend.
    (chapter 10-17) April 29-May 6, Golden Week.
    -- (chapter 10) DAY 1. Ride from Tokyo-to to Maibara, Shiga Prefecture on the Shinkansen. Approximately 2.5 hours. They likely leave late in the mornin…
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  • Oniikami

    tsurara.... oh well

    July 7, 2011 by Oniikami

    being new to the whole wiki thing i'm "rewriting" what i wrote ten minutes ago (i clearly have no clue where it went when i published it). anyway, i said before....

    i think cried a little deep inside when i fully understood the curse of gitsune. before, i had thought that yamabuki otome was unable to bare a child because of her own curse (as i was unable to piece together that at that time in the story, yamabuki and gitsune were separate entities) and not on something else. well, back into the present time and i'm sort of aggravated. all this time i spent thinking how cool it would've been if my -sort of fandom- hopes of a (would it have been 5/8 yokai?) girl child with the beauty of a yuki onna but the powers of ice and stealth. but with t…

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