Becoming the Lord of Pandemonium (episode)
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Kanji 魑魅魍魎の主となれ
Romaji Chimimoryō no nushi to nare
Adapted From 2
Arc Gyūki Arc
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Becoming the Lord of Pandemonium (魑魅魍魎の主となれ, Chimimoryō no nushi to nare) is the first episode of the first season Nurarihyon no Mago anime.


Karasu Tengu's useless warning

Karasu Tengu's warning to Rikuo

Rikuo gathers all the yōkai's to tell them that they doesn't must enter the abandoned building next to his school. After that Kurotabō ask him why, Rikuo dind gave straight answer but told them that it doesn't matter and that they mustn't go at there, which he goes off to school. Rikuo then sees Gyūki, which they are talking with each other. Rikuo then leaves and heads off to school.

Gyūki then goes to Nurarihyon, which they are both talking about Rikuo.Karasu Tengu, then follows him telling him about the inheritance of the Nura Clan, but Rikuo punches him back home.

Natsumi tells Kana about the rumor


At school, Natsumi and Saori are talking to Kana about the abandoned school building. Natsumi tells Kana that there are demons living in the abandoned school. Kana doesn't believed that, which she sees Rikuo asking him if he agrees with her, which Rikuo indeed agrees. At the rooftop during lunchtime, Kiyotsugu is then asking Rikuo and Shima if they are ready for having a expedition at the abandoned school.