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After Hagoromo Gitsune death. Nearly dead, Hagoromo's host body, her wounds being treated. Nurarihyon, explains the past of Hagoromo's Gitsune's host body, also known as Yamabuki Otome a beautiful ayakashi, who could make flowers bloom. Nurarihyon hesitates after hearing that Rihan and Otome are engaged. Rihan's glory days begain. Nurarihyon says that under the foxes curse that Rihan can't have a child with another ayakashi. Yamabuki thought it was her fault that they couldn't have a child so she runs away leaving a yamabuki rose petal and a poem to Rihan. Then Yamabuki waskes up, with another Eventually Rihan comes and enjoys it with them then Rikuo wanders off to far.

Read the rest of the chapter to find out what happens.

Sorry if a made a mistake or anything.

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