Species OutlineEdit

Akujo Nokaze (悪女野風) is a yōkai who appears in Kamiya Hōshu's "Ten'enkigu" (天縁奇遇). Her name literally means "wicked Nokaze". According to her story, Nokaze was the wife of a thief named Guntōroku Yokoshima, and together they carried out wicked deeds. Sakuhana, the wife of one of their victims, cursed them, and Nokaze was struck with an illness that rotted away her body. Guntōroku attacked Sakuhana, slashing her 99 times, and the same number of mouths appeared on Nokaze's body. Her breath reaked of blood, she ended up eating her own children, and she ultimately appeared as part of a sideshow. There, when Sakuhana's child Yonekichi passed by, all 99 of Nokaze's mouths opened to complain about her and her husband's fate. Yonekichi was then able to exact his revenge on his parents' enemy.

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