Akujo Nokaze

Akujiki no Nokaze

(悪女野風, Akujo Nokaze)

Personal Data


Gender Female Female





Fear Type

Fear Icon Wind Wind



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #160

Appears in

Manga only

Shikigami Summoning

Akujo Nokaze (悪女野風) is a yōkai who eats humans - primarily men. She is in actuality Sanmoto Gorōzaemon's duodenum and was the first of his parts to appear named.


When she wants something (such as seeing Rikuo change to his night form), she will do anything to make it happen. She's cold-blooded and has no problems killing people and eating them like jerky.


In the present day, she appears as a woman with glasses and black hair pulled back in a knob. She wears a kimono with fur along the collar and sleeves.

Her true form is that of a monstrous creature covered in mouths.

Plot OutlineEdit

Hyaku Monogatari Clan ArcEdit

Tokyo ArcEdit

Main article: Tokyo Arc
Nokaze is killing while introducing herself to Rikuo

Nokaze is killing while introducing herself to Rikuo

She appeared on the top of the building spying on Rikuo and Tsurara. She then says that she wonder if Rikuo has a little bit more backbone. She wonders how it feels to be attacked by humans, the ones who Rikuo protects. After that Rikuo is holding back against the delinquents, she then says that Rikuo doesn't retaliate and says that he's a boring man. She appeared after that one of the delinquents who was having a connection with the Kudan told Rikuo that they must kill him. She then kills one of the delinquents telling Rikuo that she was expecting him to see him transform into his night form. She then continues with killing and tells Rikuo that it is a pleasure to meet him and introduce herself. She then force Rikuo to show her his night form or else she will kill more humans. She disappeared after that Rikuo tells the delinquents to shut up because they got no change in beating her up. Outside, she is then killing and damaging the humans, which Rikuo came and tells him to draw his sword. After that Kana appeared in front of Rikuo, she then says that she will eat Kana to see Rikuo's transformation. She has been killed by Rikuo in his night form.

Technique & AbilitiesEdit

Her techniques revolve around attacking people with her body like the wind.

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