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Ajara Enbu

Ajara Enbu





Ajara Enbu

Literal English

Dance Play Performance



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #176

Appears in

Manga only

Technique Data


Fear Icon Manipulation Manipulation




  • Tamasaburō
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Tamasaburō's Stage Form

Tamasaburō's Stage Form

Ajara Enbu is an kabuki stage created by Sanmoto's facial skin Tamasaburō. It is a stage that traps the user and his opponents, which they cannot get out and no other servants of the opponent can enter, which that the user has free play. The technique can only be broken, until the performance has been ended. The leading actor is victorious and is more powerful than the opponent due that he can read his opponents actions constantly, when he is under the opponents fear, the effect won't work. The user is having a kumadori, which it looks like a real play.

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