Abe no Orochi[1]

Abeno Orochi

(安倍雄呂血, Abe no Orochi)

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Gender Female Female



"Gokadoin House" is not in the list of possible values (Nura Clan, Kyōto Yōkai Clan, Hyaku Monogatari Clan, Bakeneko Clan, Bakenekoya, Centipede Tribe, Club ChuChu, Daruma Alliance, First District, Gagoze Alliance, Gyūki Clan, Gyūki Mansion, Hideshima Domain, Hideshima Shrine, Hiyoshi Gongen shrine, Kantō Great Ape Alliance, Keikain House, Keikain Main House, Kijo Clan, Kiyotsugu's Family Villa, Kusaka Shrine, Kyōto, Kyōto Yōkai, Kyūso Clan, Mount Hiei, Mount Kurama, Mount Nejireme, Mount Takao Tengu Party, Mt. Osore, Mukurowaguruma Gang, Nijō Castle, Nishihōgan-ji, Noppera Group, Nuega-Ike, Nura House, Obake Clan, One-Eyed Cedar, One-Eyed Demon Clan, Rokukin-ji, Sanba Garasu, Seiei-ji, Shikoku, Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō, Shimabara, Sōkoku-ji, Three-Eyed Party, Togyunobo, Tsurara Clan, Tōfu Kozō, Tōno Village, Ukiyoe General Hospital, Ukiyoe Middle School, Ukiyoe Town, Umewakamaru's Shrine, Ushigakure Cave, XX Village, Yakushi Clan, Yamanba Group, Yōhime's Family's Mansion, Yōkai Merchant Confederation, Ōsaka Castle, Ōshū Tōno Family) for this property.
Gokadoin House



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #190

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Manga only

Shikigami Summoning

Abe no Orochi (安倍雄呂血, Abe no Orochi) is the third of the head of the Gokadoin House. Her reign was from 1185 until 1333[2].

Appearance Edit

She has long hair, probably blond, and wearing a furisode. She also has horns on her head with hanging mirrors on them.

Synopsis Edit

Gokadoin House Arc Edit

Main article: Gokadoin House Arc

She made her appearence when she came outside to stop Ariyuki and Hiruko, who were making noise again. She told them that the heads are all gathered now. She was later seen summoning her Shikigami to destroy the yōkai's in Kyoto.

Abilities Edit

Orochi is able to summon Shikigami's but not through their talisman, like the Keikain House, but through a crystal ball. The crystal ball make her summoning Orochi her giant serpent Shikigami which she gives to her fellow members of the Gokadoin House that are released in the place where she wants them to have. The serpent that she creates are powerful but are always easily to defeat.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name "Orochi" can be coming from the kanji "大蛇" which means "Serpant".
  • Her name can be taken from the 1925 black and white Japanese silent film Orochi, which tells the story of a samurai who falls on hard times due to misunderstandings and explains the plots of his enemies.


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