A Three-Generation Tavern Chronicle of Nurarihyon Slipperiness (ぬらりひょん ぬらりくらりの居酒屋三代記, Nurarihyon nurarikurari no izakaya sandai ki) is an original drama CD packaged together with the 1st Sennen Makyō DVD.


On a rainy day, Setsura and a young Nurarihyon show up at a tavern. Nurarihyon lends an ear to the hostess' worries and offers advice. Time moves forward, to a time when Rihan visits the same tavern. Once again, the hostess seems distressed over something. Finally, time returns to the present - where Rikuo and Tsurara stop by the same tavern to take refuge from the rain. And again, they listen to the distressed hostess' worries. This time, the tavern is in danger!

In this single tavern, a story unravels which spans three generations of the Nura Clan.

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