A Taste of Anxiety (心遣いの味, Kokorozukai no aji) is an original drama CD packaged together with the 5th Sennen Makyō DVD.


Hagoromo Gitsune's favorite food is Ikigimo. However, the executives of the Kyōto Yōkai were having a hard time supplying her with fresh Ikigimo from people of the current era. One day, Minagoroshi Jizō gave Hagoromom Gitsune a "very rare" steak as a substitute and brought her anger upon himself... so Kyōkotsu proposed they have a "substitute-gathering competition"! After 3 days, during which each of them did their best to prepare for the competition, Kyōkotsu asked a certain question of Hagoromo Gitsune in order to get a hint...

A fierce gourmet battle breaks out among the Kyōto yōkai! Who will be the one to discover a "substitute" that satisfies Hagoromo Gitsune! What does that menu contain!?

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