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Music OutlineEdit

"Promise", featuring Zen (「約束」 featuring 鴆), performed by Tomokazu Sugita, is Zen's character song - though it is more accurately described as dialogue put to music. It is included on the first anime character CD and is paired with Rikuo's character song.


  1. True Blood
  2. 「約束」 featuring 鴆 ("Yakusoku" featuring Zen)
  3. <Special Drama> リクオ、風邪をひく (Rikuo, kaze o hiku)
  4. <Special Drama> 三千世界の鴆を殺し (Senzensekai no Zen o koroshi)
  5. True Blood (instrumental)
  6. 「約束」 featuring 鴆



English TranslationEdit

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